Los Angeles CA, September 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CurrencyWorks Inc. (“CurrencyWorks” or the  “Company”), (CSE: CWRK and OTCQB: CWRK), a full service blockchain platform provider, is pleased to  announce the successful sale of the one-of-one ZERO CONTACT Platinum Edition and Elite Edition NFTs  created for VUELE (www.vuele.io), CurrencyWorks’ NFT platform for feature films. 

On September 24, 2021, bidding began for the Platinum and Elite NFTs. The one-of-one ZERO CONTACT  Platinum Edition NFT sold for $56,860.00 USD and the ZERO CONTACT Elite Edition NFTs sold for a total of  $36,575.00 USD. Additionally, CurrencyWorks receives an ongoing royalty every time these NFTs are bought  and sold. 

The NFTs include the feature-length film that the purchaser can watch on VUELE as well as highly sought-after  content such as crypto art and behind-the-scenes footage.  

“We are extremely proud of the ZERO CONTACT NFTs that CurrencyWorks created on VUELE. This is a  significant advancement for film distribution and digital collectibles,” said Cameron Chell, co-head of VUELE and  Executive Chairman of CurrencyWorks.  

CurrencyWorks is scheduling another NFT drop, which is expected to take place around the Austin Film Festival.  VUELE members will be able to purchase the ZERO CONTACT Exclusive Edition NFTs on the VUELE platform,  register here. Only 2,500 are being made available and can be purchased by credit card or crypto. 

VUELE is a joint venture between CurrencyWorks and Enderby Entertainment. It is the first direct-to-consumer,  full-length feature film viewing and distribution platform delivering feature-length films and digital collectible  entertainment content as NFTs. 

About CurrencyWorks 

CurrencyWorks Inc. (CSE: CWRK and OTCQB: CWRK) is a publicly traded company that builds and operates  a full service blockchain platform. 

For more information on CurrencyWorks, please visit us at www.currencyworks.io. For additional investor info  visit www.currencyworks.io or www.sedar.com and www.sec.gov searching CWRK. 

Media Contact: 

Arian Hopkins 

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Company Contact: 

Bruce Elliott, President 

Phone: 424-570-9446 

[email protected] 

About VUELE 

VUELE [pronounced View-lee] is the first direct-to-consumer, full-length feature film viewing and distribution  platform delivering feature films and digital collectible entertainment content as NFTs. Users will be able to 

become owners of exclusive, limited edition film, and collector NFT content which they can watch, collect, sell,  and trade on the vuele.io platform. 

VUELE provides movie fans and collectors alike with the ultimate consumer-focused digital collection and  viewing platform. Visit: www.vuele.io

The VUELE (vuele.io) platform is a joint venture between CurrencyWorks and Enderby Entertainment. Full  details of the joint venture are contained in the Form 8-K filed by CurrencyWorks on July 7, 2021 at www.sec.gov

About Enderby Entertainment 

Founded in 2006 by partners Rick Dugdale and Daniel Petrie, Jr., Enderby Entertainment is a global  entertainment production, visual effects, and post-production company based in Beverly Hills, California, with  Canadian operations in Kelowna, British Columbia. Enderby Entertainment is built on innovation, integrity, and  the refined philosophy that passion and cutting-edge methodology to create compelling, story-driven projects  efficiently with no-compromise in quality. 

For more, visit www.enderbyentertainment.com

Media Contact: 

Enderby Entertainment 

Staci Griesbach 

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